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BiomedicsUV 55 Asp (6)

You deserve the best vision possible in a two-week lens. Biomedics 55 UV ASPERIC delivers with an aspheric optical design that is optimized to precisely focus light traveling through the contact lens and human eye. The result, enhanced image quality regardless of the amount of lens power correction required.

Biomedics 55 UV ASPHERIC was found in a recent clinical study to be a lens design which effectively controlled spherical aberration in the lens and human eye. Spherical aberration is the inability of a lens to focus light on a common point. With Biomedics 55 UV ASPHERIC, its ability to control aberration produces a contact lens that provides clearer, crisper, sharper vision. Also, a new thinner patented edge design provides unsurpassed wearing comfort compared to other contact lenses. For better vision and better comfort, Biomedics 55 UV ASPHERIC is the clear choice.

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